Welcome to LifeTrack for the iPhone/iPod/iPad touch


What did you do in 1987 or 1993? If you are like me I noticed that for some years I couldn't recall what I did. Maybe it was a different year but I bet it is the same -- your life is slipping away and you can't remember what you did. Life's precious moments are somehow gone. LifeTrack was written to help.

With LifeTrack you can create your own life track from the significant events and happenings in your life, those things that you want to remember forever, and then interactively scroll through them with the swipe of your finger. Scroll through such events as births, marriage, first loves,  romances, friends, schools, graduations, holidays, vacations, trips, visits, jobs, commissions, moves, surgeries, automobiles, pets, games, concerts, performances, appointments, goals, accomplishments and other important events in your life.

LifeTrack is an application for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and is available from the App Store as a free download. Open in iTunes.